I share my knowledge and resources, time and energy, friends and associates, and empathy and compassion in a continual effort to provide value to others, while coincidentally increasing my own.
— definition of “connecting” by Keith Ferrazzi, Never Eat Alone
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Who is Sheena Collier?

A super-connector, organizer, and Black woman who moved to the Boston area for graduate school in 2004. I didn’t know a single person and didn't have a network, so I built one. I got to know Boston by starting and joining different organizations, in addition to, throwing events that connected me to lots of different worlds - education, politics, arts, community organizing, business. I made connections that changed my life and learned techniques to navigate (and eventually enjoy) the city. This helped me grow an extensive network that I now can leverage to benefit others.

I love creating spaces for people to connect. I experience joy when I am able to introduce people to each other, valuable information, or new experiences. After being here for almost 15 years, I started designing events & workshops for my fellow transplants, who are constantly sharing with me their struggles with building a community that keeps them here; particularly people of color who don't find Boston welcoming or easy to navigate. I also hear from Boston natives that they don't have spaces to connect with others across neighborhoods, sectors, & backgrounds and they, too, are looking for community & experiences that help them enjoy Boston.

Through The Collier Connection, I will help you find your tribe, activate your network, navigate the city, and have fun!

What is The Collier Connection?


The Collier Connection

The Collier Connection (TCC) is a community-building events agency that creates spaces for in-person and online connections through shared, fun experiences. Our founder, Sheena Collier, started TCC by leveraging her own networks to create more access to resources, opportunities, and information to others - particularly young adults & professionals of color.

CONNECT: We show you how to build new & strengthen your existing relationships to meet your next professional or personal goal.

NAVIGATE: We serve as a guide to professionals of color who are learning how to build their community in Boston.

EXPERIENCE: We host fun, welcoming, and unique social events that extend beyond the traditional nightlife scene.

Our goal is to move Boston from a place known for exclusivity to one of openness.




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