The Collier Connection hosts Society 1925 - an intimate cultural & networking dinner for people new to the area, long-time locals, and native Bostonians to connect across backgrounds, communities, & sectors. Evoking the spirit of a Harlem Renaissance salon, we come together over food, music, & conversation. Each dinner serves to Build real relationships, beyond networking, Create connectivity through conversation and Bridge the gap between transplants and locals.

stay tuned for more information about upcoming dinners!

Special edition of The Collier Connection's signature dinner series during City Awake's Fierce Urgency of Now (FUN) festival on Sep 8, 2019.


Society 1925 is an intimate, intentional time to meet new folks, eat good food, and be affirmed. Just come, even if you don’t know anyone. By the time the night is over, you’ll have met some genuine, real people that you can lean on.
— Kim
Society 1925 is an amazing concept needed by Black Professionals around the country. Unlike our parents and grandparents many of us live and work away from where we were raised and struggle to find community in these new spaces. Society 1925 offers its members the opportunity to connect with like-minded goal-driven Black Professionals and Professionals of Color to increase community and create safe-diverse spaces here in Boston.
— Gabrielle Jackson
I’ve heard about Society 1925 and was really excited to be able to finally attend a dinner. I enjoyed the location, food, drinks and opportunity to connect with both life long residents of Boston and transplants. This is a great way to meet people and connect beyond their titles and degrees, the B side intros were a perfect way to learn more about the actual person. I’m looking forward to connecting with other attendees for some needs for my business as well all connecting for fun. Great job Sheena your definitely a #superconnector!!
— Shana
I loved networking with everyone and getting a little outside my comfort zone.
— Tomesha
Everyone was interesting, smart, friendly, welcoming. Great curation of the community. Also, the B-side frame really worked to draw that out.
— Devin Cole
I have gained a client and friends. I enjoyed meeting new people outside of my circle without the awkwardness of “networking”.
— Martina