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I have had the pleasure of working with Sheena in my current role as CEO & Founder of All Aces, Inc. and during my time as the Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Boston. She has proven to be professional, thoughtful/reflective, diligent, and a doer. I have seen her passion for achieving goals and helping others to do the same. I have worked with her on several events, and she knows how to get things done (well). Additionally, Sheena knows how to network and build relationships with people, even when they are not their best selves. I am incredible proud to call her friend and colleague. I look forward to continuing to work with her.
— Dr. S. Atyia Martin, CEM, CEO & Founder of All Aces, Inc.
Sheena and her team did an amazing job curating one of Hibernian Hall’s most well-attended events in 2017 — a season preview arts brunch that attracted over 200 guests. From the little details to the overall picture, Sheena was on point in making the event one that people still compliment us on to this day! Thank you!
— Angel Harris, Former Communications Manager at The Hibernian Hall
Sheena’s workshop, The Person That You Want to Meet Is Already In Your Network was so eye-opening. The workshop helped me realized that I already have valuable resources in my network that can help me get to the next stage of my career. I’ve used the skills I’ve learned during the workshop to reconnect with colleagues and develop more meaningful connections. One of the best workshops I’ve been to in the past year!
— Tomesha Campbell, Nutritionist
Creating something out of nothing is never easy. Union Capital Boston reached out to Sheena Collier in 2016 to envision a November Election Night Party. But we had no candidate, no platform, no ballot initiative. Instead we aimed to celebrate Bostonians turning out to vote and tracking the power of voters across the city using a digital app.
Sheena worked with us to envision and plan the event from start to finish. From setting the overall objectives, to the nitty-gritty details of balloons and streamers, Sheena was in the weeds making it happen. She made sure that what we put together had purpose, and was fun. The combination of that focus made for an incredible evening (before the national election results started to come in)! It was a festive celebratory event with a powerful agenda sharing our work and impact. (Video of the evening: https://youtu.be/Spn0BywfPdA)
— Eric Leslie, Led Organizer of Union Capital Boston
I have had opportunity to work with Sheena planning events as well as managing her to execute an event. I can’t think of any one else I rather work with. Her level of creating strategy, rolodex of connections, ability to communicate in a professional manner and get things done on time is unmatched. She is an influence, innovator, and you would never know shes not from Boston because has found a way to be connected to the many “silos” of Black Boston. Working with Sheena and The Collier Connection has made me a better business women and big picture thinker. I look forward to the opportunity to continue working with and for her.
— Shana Bryant, CEO & Founder of Shana Bryant Consulting