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Hi! I'm Sheena Collier - #superconnector, social broker, and event organizer. I am the Founder & CEO of The Collier Connection (TCC), an agency creating online and in-person spaces for you to build community through shared experiences. We host monthly connection dinners, guide people of color (particularly transplants) on how to successfully navigate Boston, show young professionals how to activate their network, and design welcoming & unique social experiences.

Join us as we provide access to events, resources, and information that help you find your tribe, activate your network, navigate the city, and have fun!


Society 1925

Every month, The Collier Connection hosts Society 1925 - an intimate cultural & networking dinner for people new to the area, long-time locals, and native Bostonians to connect across backgrounds, communities, & sectors. Evoking the spirit of a Harlem Renaissance salon, we come together over food, music, & conversation. Each dinner serves to:

Build real relationships, beyond networking

Create connectivity through conversation

Bridge the gap between transplants and locals

After attending a dinner, each guest will then recommend someone to be invited to the next - because we are all connectors.


Becoming A Bostonian


Boston is known for being the "hub" - of educational institutions, industries, winning sports teams, and Dunkin' Donuts. It also has a reputation for being unfriendly, people staying in their silos, high housing costs, and not many options for fun.

As a newbie to Boston (or even if you have been here for a few years), it can be difficult to navigate all that the city does - and does not - offer. People of color entering Boston often face an even more unique challenge of feeling like outsiders, that is intensified by the city’s decades long struggle with not being welcoming to people across racial & ethnic backgrounds.

Through workshops, meetups, an online community, and personal coaching, we want to show transplants of color the tips & tricks to "becoming a Bostonian."


Stop Networking and Start Connecting

Build Your Network

Many of us think that we need to attend a networking event or make a cold call to meet the person that leads to our next job, business opportunity, or a professional mentoring relationship. Nope! These opportunities are waiting for you within the people that you already know.

Instead of just focusing on building bigger networks, we lead workshops and post weekly tips to show you how to activate and strengthen your existing relationships to meet your next professional or personal goal. Figure out where you want to be and then create a map of people that will get you there. Stop networking and start connecting!


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