Union Capital Boston


Creating something out of nothing is never easy. Union Capital Boston reached out to Sheena Collier in 2016 to envision a November Election Night Party. But we had no candidate, no platform, no ballot initiative. Instead we aimed to celebrate Bostonians turning out to vote and tracking the power of voters across the city using a digital app. Sheena worked with us to envision and plan the event from start to finish. From setting the overall objectives, to the nitty-gritty details of balloons and streamers, Sheena was in the weeds making it happen. She made sure that what we put together had purpose, and was fun. The combination of that focus made for an incredible evening (before the national election results started to come in)! It was a festive celebratory event with a powerful agenda sharing our work and impact. Video of the evening: https://youtu.be/Spn0BywfPdA

- Eric Leslie, Lead Organizer